‘ I have just done a thesis on submarine journalism practiced by Zambian Watchdog’

I have just successfully defended my graduate thesis entitled: Zambians’ perception of the press: Online news media-A case of ZWD and Zambia Daily Mail.

I argue that the Zambian media were polarized with the mainstream press (Both public sponsored broadsheet & private sponsored Tabloid) acting as mouthpiece and propaganda tools for the PF government and on the other side the independent online news media such as ZWD stepping up with investigative journalism in unfavorable situation to provide an alternative voice for the Zambians masses through provision of balanced news that is credible and reliable.

ZWD’s model of submarine journalism managed to unearth corrupt practices and provided the necessary checks and balances on governance. Because ZWD’s champions citizen journalism, they are found everywhere even within the ruling elite causing shivers in the spine of those who wield political and economic power. ZWD is both loved and hated for obvious reasons that it chose to define a new way of exercising freedom of the speech and an unrestrained appetite to enable people access information that is vital at all costs.

I am Fr. Francis Chisembe Chishala, S.J (John Carroll University, University Heights, Cleveland, Ohio USA).

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