‘I have more land than government’

‘I have more land than government’

 United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President, Charles Chanda says he has more private land than government and municipalities combined in Zambia.

Speaking when he appeared on Prime Tv to explain his action of “giving” land to Zambians, Chanda claimed he recently bought land from an unnamed Chinese national for a whopping $1.6,million, which he says he has parceled out into 2000 plots.

He does not disclose the source of his money.

He said the farm is in Makeni-West and 2,000 Zambians have bought from him sub-division plot at K10,000 each.

Chanda, a struggling pastor based in South Africa, claims he has been on a buying-spree and claims he has now become a proud owner of 29 large farms across Zambia.

He said he had just bought a 450 hectare farm in Choma which he will be redistributing.

He said he now owns more land than the government of Zambia and municipalities.

On Sunday he posted on his facebook page and claimed that he had 1000 plots across all seven constituencies ( Mandevu, Munali, Lusaka Central, Kabwata, Kanyama, Chawama and Matero).

He said that of the 1000 plots, the response was so overwhelming that he sold 450 plots within an hour at a give away price of K2,500.00.

He said Minister of Lands, Jean Kapata has said governmemt Land in Lusaka had finished a matter that persuaded him to buy more private land for sale and re-distribution.

People that know Chanda say he is a pastor and lives in a small flat in South Africa

They have cautioned that after a major traffic accident he suffered a few years ago(huge scars still show on his head), he has become highly delusional and those paying him money for non-existent land will finally wake up to their horror that there is no land for sale.

Chanda uses social media extensively to offer and sell land to Zambians but shows no proof or land titles for his land claims.

Charles Chanda shares similar traits of pathological grandeur but appears more polished than Poor People’s Party leader, Alex Muliokela.

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