I have never signed an oath with Shakafuswa – Zulu

Clance Zulu writes:

This will be the most interesting case ever. The shakafuswas have just gone too far. This is what They meant by saying they will eliminate me in two weeks. But This time they will not go away with their crimes. I have never in my life been in a meeting with Ephraim and Ephraim should bear in mind that at this time and error there are scanners which can scan when the very alleged oaths where done. Whether it was yesterday or three days ago. If I signed the same fucken oath it should have my finger prints because obviously i must have used my hands when signing it. Guys we are dealing with mafias but no mafia is greater than God. The venue of the event where I was threatened three days ago has cctv before these guys mess with the footage i request the video to be retrieved. Why wud Ephraim sign an oath only with his perceived enemies? I have never been in good terms with Ephraim for more than a year when he dented my name in a upnd whatsapp group Upnd yabonse. Ephraim has never been in good terms with Chilekwa because Ephraim believed chilekwa sent Ephraim s recordings viral. Charmaine and ephraim had a heated argument with ephraim on Facebook which prompted Ephraim to block charmaine just like he blocked me. How strange that only his so Called enemies signed this oath. If I had signed an oath with ephraim wud i be taking him hard on Facebook knowing am in a pact with him? who is Ephraim? Ephraim shakafuswa is a wannabe mafia who recorded phone conversation with Upnd leaders when he was in upnd and sent them to the pf camp. Ephraim is a wannabe mafia who stole money which was donated for a cancer patient by well wishers in upnd. Ephraim is a wannabe mafia who was convicted at chimbokaila for selling someone s plot. Ephraim is the wannabe mafia who stole all the money which was donated by well wishers in upnd for a material printer. Ephraim is a wannabe mafia who had zicta software and cud retrieve people’s identities and addresses without them knowing. It is a very serious offence to accuse someone of a crime they have never committed. This wont be an easy case Mr Wannabe Mafia. If we have to go out of our way bringing in private investigators we will do so. U have lived your life by swinddling n conning people but Bear in mind that the shakafuswas are not bigger than Zambia. This case will dig out all the shakafuswa crimes. They will come back on the table. U cant wrongfully accuse people of a treasonable charge and go free. Like i always say my God does not sleep. U can have all the money in the world but That won’t break my spirit. If I have to be persecuted for my political affiliation then so be it. Coz nothing comes easier. With your questionable character no one can trust you not even in pf. It’s only a few months to August. Thanks for campaigning for Upnd. This case will make alot of people vote for upnd.

Clance Zulu

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