I have no child – Fr Bwalya

Opposition Alliance for a Better Zambia President Father Frank Bwalya has responded to an apparent state sponsored campaign to scandalize him as having sired a child in Ndola.

Fr Bwalya, who has since apologised for heavily campaigning for President Michael Sata, says he is ready for the ruling party smear campaign.

The Catholic priest has advised those spearheading the campaign against him to publish whatever evidence they have or hand over the evidence to the state owned Zambia Daily Mail who he has sued over the same allegations.

Here is his full response:

Those who are alleging that I have a child or children in Ndola, should be informed that I sued Daily Mail for publishing a similar story. Daily Mail apologized but the matter is still before the High Court in Kitwe.

So If you have information that I have a child or children, please give the information to Daily Mail so that they can use it in their defense. In my view that is a good way to go.

Another way is for you to publish the story in a manner that you can be accountable for its publication. Otherwise, no amount of malice and propaganda will deter me.

I will continue to be hard on PF. When I campaigned for them, it was MMD that caused the publication of the child or children malicious story. Now that I am critical of PF, they are the ones using the same allegation.

Anyway, PF controls state machinery including the media, let them expose me. I will cooperate. I maintain that I have no child under the sun and I have never had one.

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