I have no grudge against my challengers-Lungu

One of the PF presidential hopefuls Edgar Lungu says he is not aware of the problems of students accommodation in learning institutions, especially the University of Zambia.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix this morning, Lungu said he was going to inquire from Education Minister John Phiri on the problems of bed spaces in learning institutions.

And Lungu said he was not sure how far the process of enacting the constitution has gone, but promised to get more details from the Permanent Secretary and see if it can be accelerated.

Lungu also reiterated that he would continue with late president Michael Sata’s legacy because he was the student of the late president.

Meanwhile Lungu said he was not party to the cabinet resolution on the increase on retirement age from 55 to 65 years, as recently signed by Guy Scott.

And Lungu could not state whether he would lift the wage and employment freeze but promised to ask Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda on how far the talks have gone.

Meanwhile Lungu said he was ready to work with anyone including Willie Nsanda who he described as a Congolese

And Lungu reiterated that there were benefits in public office such as the ability to get a bank loan easily.

Meanwhile Lungu has says he has no grudge against PF members who stood against him for the PF presidency.
He  said he was the duly elected president of the Patriotic Front and pointed out that losing elections was painful but he would give the losing candidates time to heal and come back to soldier on the party’s vision.
Lungu said the PF was in a hurry to deliver the constitution before 2016 in liaison with parliamentarians and stressed that he caused the release of the draft constitution to the people of Zambia within two months of being Justice Minister.
‘We can as well have this constitution before 2016, since I moved to the ministry of justice I put this (constitution) on the agenda and within two months I caused it to be released to the Zambian people,’ Lungu said.
And Lungu has observed that there was need to improve democratic tenets across all political parties so that change of leadership is done in a democratic way.
On accusations that he was an alcoholic, Lungu said he has executed all his responsibilities successfully and said he was aware of some detractors who were hell bent to portray him as a drunkard and hopeless person.
Lungu challenged those calling him a drunkard to check his employment files which he said have no record of him having been fired for drinking beer.
Meanwhile Lungu has explained that the accusations of him having misappropriated a clients’ money was politically motivated at the height of the 2011 election campaigns.
Lungu explained that he had a client named Kanyanta (lady) whom he had represented in a case against Lafarge Cement which was ruled in her favour but she had no money to pay for the legal fees and agreed with Lungu to deduct the legal fees from the payment from Lafarge Cement.
Lungu said later on when he declared interest to contest the Chawama parliamentary seat the same woman came and complained that he shouldn’t have deducted legal fees from her money and reported to LAZ.
He explained that LAZ demanded for a signed document to prove that there was an agreement to deduct money which he did not have because the client was close to the firm like a family member.
Lungu said records are there at LAZ to prove that he paid the money adding that he has never been a thief and said the whole issue was part of political character assassination.
And Lungu has said that if elected in the January 20 presidential polls his job will be to finish the vision of late President Michael Sata adding that he would only unveil his vision if given a second chance in 2016.

‘The PF has a vision and the carrier of that vision was Mr Sata, why should I replace Sata’s vision when people voted for Sata? It would be a betrayal, I will carry Sata’s vision which people voted for in 2011, you will see my vision if I am given another chance (2016), ‘ Lungu said.

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