I have no media experience, announces new Information PS

I have no media experience, announces new Information PS

Mwansa will do job on training or is it training on job?

Mwansa. will do job on training or is it training on job?

Stephen Mwansa, the new permanent secretary for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services (MIBS) says he does not have any experience with the media.
More than 90 per cent of the work at MIBS involves the media.
Mwanasa disclosed his inexperience on Wednesday when he met officials of government controlled media ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail and ZANIS.

“I have no media experience but I am willing to learn from you’, Mwansa said. He said.
“We will work as a team as we serve national interest and all I will be your team captain,” continued Mwansa.
At the same occasion, Emmanuel Mwamba said “everything happens for a reason and when they happen, it’s best to leave matters in God’s hands.”
Despite what everybody already knows about Michael Sata’s poor leadership and nepotism, Mwamba extolled Sata as a man of action who “genuinely has nothing but the interest of Zambians at heart and many of us are confident he will help achieve great things for Zambians with God’s support”.
We also pray for God ‘s intervention for sure.
We are sure Mwamba does not want to jeopardise his pension by saying the truth.
Meanwhile, journalists at Times of Zambia are celebrating the departure of Mwamba. Most journalists including senior editors detested Mwamba’s conduct and are ‘dancing’ in the corridors that he has been removed.
But the story is different for Mwamba’s beneficiaries like Antony Mukwita at Daily Mail who are worried that their fast-track promotions may be reversed as well.
On Monday at State House, Sata told Mwamba that:
“And you Mr Mwamba do you know why…stand up.…do you know why the previous administration did not give nationwide coverage to all other people apart from ZNBC, do you know why?
“You are very intelligent; you thought all of us are very stupid, you thought all the people who died before independence are stupid. You come to the ministry and start giving coverage to all so that HH (UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema) can now speak on Phoenix, can you tell me the justification,” he said.
Sata claimed that the reason Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and missionaries were left with the nationwide licences was to protect the integrity of the nation.
“The opposition sits at Radio Phoenix and you know that very well, you are much aware that persons with shares are not Zambians, but you go ahead to approve, did you consult?
“Did you come to see me about it? Don’t use my ministry to fight your own political battles. Go outside, stand on the platform and we can meet you there on the platform, don’t use my Government,” he said.

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