I have text messages to prove Dongote official wanted to bribe me- insists Shamenda

I have got text messages to prove that the Dangote official wanted to bribe me. He even wanted to buy me dinner at Inter-Continental Hotel, but I ended up buying him drinks myself, says Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda.

But Shamenda says he could not report the matter to the relevant government investigative wings such the as the Ant-Corruption Commission (ACC) because he wanted to merely help the company.

Shamenda, who has also raised diplomatic issues with the Nigerian government challenged the Dongote official who has since gone back to Nigeria, to come back so that he could prove the corruption allegations against him.

He told Radio Phoenix News that he has been in labour matters for a very long time now and knows what he was talking about.

“He kept on following me. He called me for dinner at Inter-Continental Hotel but I told him to make it official so that both the Permanent Secretary and the Labour Commissioner could attend. I have six text messages from him suggesting that he wanted to bribe me,” Shamenda said.

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