I have the last laugh, says Chiluba

Former president fredrick Chiluba has said he has defeated the devil.

But Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata has said the acquittal of Chiluba shows the inability by the current government to fight corruption.

Mr. Sata says the Rupiah Banda regime has no capacity to continue with legacy of late Levy Mwnawasa.

And Transparency International Zambia says it is shocked by the outcome of the case.

TIZ director Goodwell Lungu says his organization will issue a comprehensive statement before the end of the week.

But Chiluba is celebrating and has said he has the last laugh.

Below is what he said at his Kabulonga residence just after his acquittal:

“I will speak much later, another two weeks. I just now want to thank the almighty God whose mercy endures forever. On behalf of my wife, my entire family I want to pay tribute to him. His mercies have never failed us. He is the great Jehovah. Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Shammah.

“I said sometime back that I stand on a rock and whoever plays with that rock it will crush him.

“I want to thank almighty God and the praying saints. People prayed at church, people prayed in their various homes. I want to say to all of you that God is faithful and God loves you,” he said. “For eight long years the devil has tried to put a stigma of a thief on me, the Lord has dealt with the devil.”

“For all these eight long years I have been subjected to a lot of harassment, persecution, shame and embarrassment.

“My wife has been called a thief merely by association because she is my wife and she has held on to me. This is true love, darling. We shall talk about many things, how governments have been run, particularly in Africa, because we are poor therefore every foreigner must bring his dollars and orders you to arrest your president. I am just waiting for a list from England of MPs who stole money but the papers do not write about the British thieves. So we shall talk about that because the Speaker of the House of Commoners resigned because he was trying to protect the thieves. It is only in England where an MP takes money to the church as an offering and claims it from Parliament. Oh, yes only there. So what moral high ground are they on?”

“In Zambia we don’t steal, we are honest, and on behalf of my wife I just want to thank everybody, the press who mistook me as a thief now know that I am an innocent man.

“You see the Bible is very clear, do no harm to my prophets and touch not my anointed. If you touch the anointed sometimes they will beat you with your camera, no reference to anybody, just to warn you that you don’t play with the anointed. So as a Christian nation of Zambia, we believe and trust in the word of God and in the word of God, we are not encouraged to steal. But that does not stop the devil from accusing you. They will accuse you even when you have not done anything.

“I want to thank the people of Zambia, in the East in the West, in the South, in the North, Central, everywhere, for their great friendship with us,” Chiluba said. “Wherever I have gone, nobody has ever called me a thief, ordinary people are my best friends. Wherever we go, we just mingle, we share, we laugh, but those who were assigned to do the donkeywork by imperialists must feel sorry. I want to ask the British when we meet what they are doing in Afghanistan. God bless.”

“Oh! Yes, we will talk about that later when we meet in two weeks time. Thank you Jesus, Amen, Thank you Jesus.”

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