I haven’t also seen any fake money – Finance minister Chikwanda

Finance Minister, ALEXANDER CHIKWANDA says he is not aware of any fake three trillion Kwacha allegedly printed by the MMD ahead of the general elections in September last year.

Mr CHIKWANDA who was answering questions from journalists at state house initially refused to be drawn into making a statement but later asked the press if they had seen any fake kwacha in circulation.

Commerce Minister, BOB SICHINGA issued a statement last week alledging that the MMD printed three trillion kwacha to buy votes.

But Mr CHIKWANDA asked Journalists to investigate the matter and establish if their are fake Kwacha notes in circulation either in the city or in rural areas.

Mr CHIKWANDA also announced that the Bank of Zambia has alert printers about Zambia’s intentions to print new notes.

He said the printers will have to bid for the exercise adding that unlike the previous regime the PF government will go through the Zambia Public Procurement Authority.

Mr CHIKWANDA also dispelled fears that the creation of new districts will derail budget planning.

He said the exercise is administrative and funds will be allocated in subsequent budgets.

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