‘I insist PF hates Northwesterners’


Thank you for allowing me space to expose these PF tribalists and their activities in Northwestern. Yesterday I wrote that there is no minister in the PF rogue government from Northwestern province. I see a lot of people commented so I want to respond to some of the comments.

But first let me say I have just returned from voting against the PF tribal government which hates the people of Northwestern province. They can, for all I care rig the elections since they are preying on poor people by bribing them. But my conscious is clear that at least my vote has rejected the tribalists.

Now, when I said that there is no minister from the northwestern in the PF, some people said there is Jean Kapata and Steven Masumba.

A quick look at the names of the people saying this reveals that they are the same tribalists. The people from Northwestern do not even know Kapata. In any case, is this not the rough woman who represents Mandevu? There is no Mandevu constituency here. That person represents a place in Lusaka not Northwestern. The only reason Sata gave her a job is because she is one of his former lovers. Kapata is not known in Northwestern and we do not even know where her village is though rumour has it that she fled the war in Angola.

Steven Msumba my younger brother is traitor and is only interested in her belly. Besides, he was never a minister but a deputy minister, positions reserved for useless tribes in the PF.

Some fool was saying Sata can’t appoint ministers from Northwestern because they did not vote for PF.

Yet Sata is given powers to nominate 8 MPs as president. Did he appoint anyone from Northwestern or he just appointed the Chikwandas? How can he when this is the person who said people from this region are only good at cleaning toilets?

Can someone tell me which parasatals like Zesco, Zamtel are headed by a person from northwestern? Is it because we are not educated or this is a deliberately calculated move to cut us from the running of the country?

How many ambassadors are from north-western province? What about Permanent Secretaries and senior directors in ministries?

Even senior directors here in the mines are from other places side-lining local talent while taking profit to develop their provinces.

You tell us we only need development and not leadership, you think we are fools?


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