I know people hate me and will celebrate when am fired – Davies Chama

PF secretary general Davies Chama says he knows that many people will celebrate when he is fired.

On Wednesday, social media was flooded with reports of Chama being replaced by Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube.

However, Chama laughed off the reports, but revealed that there were a lot of people who were after him.

“I have just been hearing also. It has been circulating for some time. I haven’t received any letter, but that news is all over. I was receiving phone calls the whole day yesterday (Wednesday) and I know a lot of people will be happy,” he said while laughing.

“There are a lot of people who are after me…. I know that a lot of people will drink wine, gin and tonic. They will toast and they will be very happy; they will roast, they will have a braii when I am fired. I understand some people were even partying yesterday. Someone told me that, ‘There is a big party here, some people are celebrating that you have been fired’. I said it’s good for people to party, anyway.”
He said he was not sure if President Edgar Lungu had intentions of relieving him of his duties.

“I haven’t received a letter, so until I receive a letter… The President has the powers to hire and fire, but I haven’t received a letter yet. You know, sometimes even people who smile at you might be your enemies. What they are doing and what they are saying behind your back is something different and there are a lot of people like that. But thank God I am not like that; I will say it in the face of a person,” Chama said.
“Right now, I am going to the office. I am in contact with the President. I was with him the day before yesterday and I have no problem with my President, and I don’t think the President has a problem. But you know in this era of lies and stories… Even when he decides to drop me, I don’t think I will have a problem. I have no cause to have a problem.”


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