I know some people in PF want me out- veep Scott

By Moses Kuwema

Dr. Guy Scott says there is a plot to oust him as vice-president of the Republic of Zambia and from the vice-presidency of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Speaking to journalists at his Parliament office yesterday, Vice-president Scott said some cadres had been mobilized to demonstrate against him in the way they used to be set on Wynter Kabimba, but they changed their plans at the last minute after the police got wind of it.

There was supposed to have been some demonstration in which some youths wanted to stay stuff against me. The whole thing is nonsense. People are trying to use frustrated youths without jobs. There is an attempt to subvert my position. I have good idea of the people I suspect to be behind this plot but I don’t want to bring out their names for now,” vice-president Scott said.

Courtesy: Post newspaper

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