I Miss the Post Newspaper

By Gregory Gondwe

For many years, I have been a fan of the Post Newspaper due to its impartial reporting. But most of all, due to the fact that they had stood not to compromise with the truth. It was where I saw objective reporting that is considered a mirage in the field of journalism. I remember years when no one was untouchable; MMD, UPND, PF…mention them. This led M’membe into a lot of trouble, but ironically, it was also what raised the paper to its heights.

However, the recent past days have witnessed the development of a new POST newspaper, which has ignored the virtues and values of the old paper. The open truth is that, from the time PF came into power, there has been a change in the way the POST newspaper reports. I first have to confess that I am a PF supporter, but a Media scholar as well. What is so disgruntling is that the POST is no longer critical and objective as it is used to be. I am not in any way saying that PF is bad, but am sure there is something negative about too. I am tired of the continuous praises of my party. I want to hear of the pitfalls and weaknesses. That is what every party comprises-weaknesses and strength. Personally I would question somebody who is always praising me.

The other thing is that, the POST newspaper has enough experience to understand that being partisan is just the beginning of the end in journalism reporting. Even in normal life, that is the case. I am sad to mention the causes of the downfall of our talented comedian, Bikiloni and Difikoti. Although it is not proven, but the truth is that their downfall was caused by themselves in their quest to getting rich quicker. They ignored the whole Zambia to support Former President Rupiah Banda and MMD.  Now there arose a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph, and Rupiah can no longer support them. Today, when everyone looks at them, they always see MMD supporters and not entertainers. This has ruined their lives because of a glimpse of glory they chose to have from MMD.

Although I do not have enough proof, I can deduce that the POST newspaper may be undergoing the same situation. I love PF, but I know and remain convinced that there will come a time when it will have to go. We all know about UNIP ‘yamuyaya…Kumulu Lesa, panshi Kaunda’; the mighty Dr. FTJ Chiluba and the MMD; mention them. But I believe that the POST can last forever if they choose to.

Thus, this is a lesson enough to our beloved newspaper. My only advice is that they should not sacrifice the entire life span of the paper for the sake of the ‘few’ coins that individuals may be receiving. Besides, even if the paper was in total agreement with PF and President Sata’s policies, it is no guarantee that they agree to everything, and baptize everything that PF does. Not even PF carders would want to hear that.  But most of all, the POST newspaper has not to underestimate its power so that it could be manipulated. It is actually the fourth estate. Its needs to understand  that it is the watchdog for the Zambian society; the voice of the voiceless that has to stand for the people, especially those in most need of Zambian services. This is enough lesson not only for the Post Newspaper, all other newspapers.

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