I never said M’membe is on Interpol list, says Police boss

Lusaka Province Police commissioner Nelson Phiri last Tuesday complained that ex-convict Richard Sakala’ Daily Nation newspaper put words in his mouth and concocted a story that journalist Dr Fred M’membe is being sought by International Police (Interpol).
“I was just misquoted. When they were asking about this issue that Fred M’membe is in Jamaica and what are you doing about it, I said I don’t deal with people that are outside the country, outside Lusaka Province. I don’t deal with cases that are outside my jurisdiction. So probably you can ask Interpol. And they go and…you know journalists they way you misquote us. I told them they can deal with Interpol, because Interpol is not under me so how do I start saying that. So that is all. But then you misquote somebody and put words in somebody’s mouth…I cannot talk about Interpol because I don’t head Interpol…That story in the Daily Nation, they just put words in my mouth,” said Phiri when asked by this reporter to clarify his statement that Interpol was after Dr M’membe.
After the story was published by The Mast on Wednesday, Daily Nation instructed its lawyers of Makezi Zulu and Associates to demand a retraction.
Below is the demand letter written by Daily Nation to The Mast:

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