I now love the Public order Act, won’t repeal it – Sata

I now love the Public order Act, won’t repeal it – Sata

Sata while in opposition

Like the hypocrite he is, President Sata says the Public Order Act is appropriate because there would be no Government in the absence of sanity and order in the country.

The Public Order Act is the law that is used by government to deny citizens especially opposition members to assemble.

Sata was speaking at State House on Friday when he swore-in Joseph Akafumba as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice.

Sata revealed that the PF government will not repeal Public Order Act in order to ensure order in the country and avoid anarchy despite the fact that it is a law inherited from colonial Britain.

“When we (Patriotic Front) were in the opposition, we thought some laws like the Public Order Act were bad. But we are now in Government and appreciate this law because there will be no government without sanity and order in society,” said Sata.

He said it will continue being difficult for opposition political parties to understand the Public Order Act because they are not in Government.

Sata’s position on the Public Order Act which he condemned endlessly while in opposition gives Zambians a clue of what the constitution being drafted will look like.

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