I offended the people of Southern province because of the Zambianwatchdog- Scott tells Parley

Vice-president Guy Scott told parliament this morning that he made the offensive remarks during the BBC interview that the people from Southern province were a small tribal minority campaigning for a presidential by-election because of the way the Zambianwatchdog has been insulting the PF government.

And Scott insisted that president Michael Sata was in Israel for a working holiday that may include some “health tourism” components.

During the vice-president’s question time, Scott said the Zambianwatchdog has been spreading lies about the president’s health and was heavily offended thats why he also demeaned and insulted the people of Southern province.

“The Zambianwatchdog has been very irresponsible in their reporting about president Michael Sata’s healthy. They have also accused me of being sick and tired and that I can’t even function properly, thats why I also made those offensive remarks with the people of Southern province,” Scott told the house.

Namwala UPND MP Lubezi Moono wondered whether the vice-president was in order to insult the whole province when offended by an online media, but the speaker curtailed her.

Choma Central UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa asked whether the vice-president was in order to issue offensive remarks that had the potential to forment tribal divisions in the country.

“Mr. Speaker sir, the irresponsible and insidious remarks by the vice-president during the BBC interview have gravely offended the people of Southern province, especially coming from someone who was a minority himself in Zambia.

The remarks by the vice-president are that of a racist with colonial mentality and have the potential to divide the people of Zambia,” Mweetwa told parliament, but deputy speaker Mkondo Lungu could not make a ruling.

And Scott maintained in the house that president Sata was in Israel for a ‘working holiday’ that may involve ‘some healthy tourism component’.

“Let me put it this way, if I visit my relatives in UK, there maybe nothing wrong in visiting a clinic,” Scott told the house.

Last year, Guy Scott caused a diplomatic row when he insulted the entire people of South Africa by labelling them as being backward.

Recently, Scott racially abused opposition MPs as just ‘monkeying’ around in the house in their demands for the new constitution.

He also recently likened Kabwata MP Given Lubinda to a dog.

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