I only gave up power for sake of peace – Lungu

I only gave up power for sake of peace – Lungu

PF secretary General Edgar Lungu says he only handed over power to Guy Scott because he loves the people of Zambia and could risk the peace.

Edgar-HHLungu says of power is currently in in wrong hands, ‘so be it. It is only 90 days afte.”

Using the example of two women who fought over a child during the reign of King Solomon, Lungu said:

“You see, King Solomon in his wisdom was encountered by two women. One was claiming ownership of a child and the other was doing the same. The King then asked for a sword to split the child in two.

“At that point, the real mother apologised and gave up the child. This is just an example of where we are. I love the people of Zambia, just like Mr Sata did that I wouldn’t dare risk the peace we enjoy. If power is in the wrong hands, so be it. It is only 90 days after…,” Mr Lungu said.

He added: “We have two centres of power, one under article 38 of the constitution and the other article 39 (1), where I was appointed but I chose the interest of the Zambian people, the safety, peace and good order. I gave it away.”

Mr Lungu said the country has one unified command under the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

“Suppose I had my own power centre and there were forces putting their weight behind me and the other guy did not have it, what would have happened?” he asked.

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