‘I paid off my loan but Zanaco still deducting from my salary’


Please post this on my behalf: Can someone ( especially people at pemic, banks and lawyers) please assist me with this issue at hand.

I am a civil servant. I got a small loan under the GRZ-Scheme loan with Zanaco. I was to settle the loan in 48 months and was remaining with only 10 month when I decided to offset it on 15th May 2014.

I went to the bank and was adviced to deposit some cash so that the loan could be closed! I did as told but to my supprise the guys now started telling me stories that they can’t close my loan becuase the system has been giving them problems. On top of that they are telling me they can’t Issue me with the letter to take to PEMIC so that monthly deductions from my salary are stopped.

They are telling me they need to continue receiving money from my employer as long as their system remains faulty and that the bank will refund me later. I checked my account balance and found the bank had alread deducted part of the money I was asked to deposit. I went back to them b and asked why they got money from my account when they are failing to close the loan. My question is legal for Zanaco to continue receiving my money against my wish because of their faulty system. To the people at PEMIC what proof do you need to have monthly loan deductions stopped on ones payslip? Banks, is this how you opperate? Lawyers, can I sue someone in this situation? Honestly I smell something fishy going on at ZANACO


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