I qualify to be vice-president but not president-Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT, Guy Scott, has said he is qualified to hold his position and challenged MMD national chairperson for legal affairs, George Kunda to take the matter to court.
Dr Scott said Article 34, Sub-Section Three of the Republican Constitution made it clear that he was eligible to hold his position,  althought he could not contest the presidency in the event of a presidential election.
In an interview at his office yesterday, Dr Scott said Mr Kunda was failing to accept the loss of  power and could not believe that he was in the opposition.
He said he was a Zambian by birth and had been in the country all along.
Dr Scott said many Zambians in some border areas were also affected by the clause which was the reason the current draft constitution contained a provision that proposes to replace it.
The vice-president said the clause was introduced to specifically bar first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda from contesting the 1996 presidential elections.
“In other words, if  there is a presidential by-election, I can act as Republican president for three months, supervise the elections but I cannot be a candidate for presidency,” Dr Scott said.
He said even before he was appointed vice-president, the matter was discussed by lawyers  who  explained that he was eligible for appointment.
“He should also be very careful because people in Zambia do not like racism. Such sentiments in a way are racist, but let him go to court,” Dr Scott said.
Dr Scott said the Zambian people had welcomed his appointment because it had given them an extra mark as people who accommodated others from various backgrounds.

The clause which Scott says was created to bar KK was put in place when Scott was minister of agriculture, president Michael Sata was minister without Portfolio (number three) under late president Fredrick Chiluba. Both Scott and Sata were in cabinet and parliament.

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