‘I refused to bribe the police’

—Shameless cops!–
Without shame chingola traffic police pleaded with me to pay them k100 for my cracked wind screen without a receipt.Unfortunately they didn’t know the kind of a person they were dealing with.I hate people who are corrupt.I will never engage myself in any corrupt activities in any form because corruption is expensive to the nation.My ambition is to lead this nation one day and I wouldn’t want to take over a nation that is destroyed with corrupt characters.I had to pay K300 for the offence much to their surprise as they thought I will succumb to their evil scheme.Just to get this receipt was another issue, atleast they had no option but to issue as I produced the money.Like I have always said: my principles will never be compromised in anyway no matter the circumstance.


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    Eye 5 days

    By doing that you just put 300 kwacha into corrupt hands behind cops but you kept your conscience clean by giving away even more money to a bigger thieve.