I remember Lawrence Evans from 1982 when he was supplying bbulure

Dear Sir,
For my own security please I beg you not to publish my name. I am a public figure some what and this may put my life at risk.

I will be grateful if may very short article can be published in your paper. I was reading something on Lawrence Evans in your publication and my heart missed a beat.
One may ask, what do you know about Lawrence Evans? Well I came to know about him when I was doing my Grade 2 in 1982 as a Chibuku truck driver supplying chibuku from Zambian breweries and we used to call it “bbulure” by then I was less than 10 years old. If any one urgues, get to Mayoba in Southern Province near Zimba and ask about him they know him very well.
Now the reason why I have decided to add something to your earlier publication is that Mr. Lawrence Evans is not 42 years old. That is a plain lie. He must be above 55. Imagine I came to know him when I was in Grade 2 and now I am 41. How old is he then?
The problem with politicians is that they don’t want to tell the truth. I wish the PF had known, they would have gone for Andeleki, may be they could have won but for Evans, well I don’t know; unless because they are in power then it will be easier. If he refuses, tell him that doesn’t he know a place called Mayoba? Doesn’t he know a man called Chulu or Sikufweba bar?

End of my submission.

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