I saw how people are ditching PF for UPND in Lupososhi – PF MCC

I saw how people are ditching PF for UPND in Lupososhi – PF MCC


People are willingly joining UPND in Lupososhi, says ruling PF Central Committee member Emmanuel Mpankata.

And Mpankata, the first ever member of parliament elected under the PF in the same Lupososhi in 2001, said the party risked creating a monster against itself by appointing mobilisation committees without the terms of reference.

But PF secretary general Davies Mwila said he did not appoint Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) as vice-chairperson for mobilisation, saying the central committee ultimately decided on the matter.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Mpankata said he was in Lupososhi recently, where he saw first hand how the opposition UPND were destroying the PF’s structures.

He said the leadership in the area, from the area member of parliament Lazarous Chungu, the district and constituency were all not committed towards the party’s cause.

“I was just around Lupososhi to see how UPND is destroying our structures, and people are willingly going to UPND. If we don’t do anything we may find ourselves in mwamoneni,” Mpankata said.

And Mpankata warned that the party would be creating a monster for itself by appointing mobilisation committees without the terms of reference.

“Did you see what this guy Elvis Chanda said on Facebook? He was saying that they (mobilsation committees) don’t have boundaries and can go into any Ministry and in 90 days load shedding will end. This is creating confusion,” Mpankata said. “I am not against mobilisation committees, (but) the SG should bring the terms of reference to the central committee for ratification so that wherever they are going they will be guided. If we have not coached them properly we may end up creating a monster for ourselves.”

Mpankata recently said the party had welcomed GBM with his profanity and given him huge responsibilities of mobilisation when everybody knew he had presidential ambitions.

But Mwila said the recommendation for GBM’s appointment came through the party chairperson for mobilisation Richard Musukwa – who is also mines minister – the decision which the central committee ratified.

“I have no power to go against the central committee, so he (Mpankata) cannot criticise the decision which he was party to,” said Mwila.

On Mpankata’s statement that since the party had embraced GBM despite his insults against PF, the party should likewise seek out National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili as he had the potential to damage the ruling party’s electoral prospects by eating into their strongholds, Mwila said that was Mpankata’s personal opinion, but he respected it.

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