I still have the bronze shield my father stole from Zambia in 1964’

Rod Madocks Writes :

“This is the bronze shield of arms of the Federation that used to be attached to the main doors of the Secretariat in Lusaka, On the 234th October 1964, my father unscrewed this from the Secretariat doors and took it home It has slept in a box in our UK house for the last 50 years.”

“Some day it might turn up in an English junk shop or be melted down for scrap.”

“I’ve no idea what to do with it. Maybe I should go back to Africa and bury it in the bundu somewhere.”

“Then, in future time, when our paper records will have crumbled away and our digital archives evaporated, an archaeologist will puzzle over it and wonder what manner of civilisation had created it.”

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    Prober 5 days ago

    So this shield on our coat of arms is copy and paste from the colonists!

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    nineo 1 week ago

    baMapalo, this man is not in Chilanga, Kanyama, Chawama Munali, Mandevu, Lusaka Central or any of your PF areas including Matero twapapata!

    He has had this artifact for more than 5 decades (a decade means 10 years by the way) and you give him 2 days? If you are not PF then we have a problem!!!!!!!

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    pungwa 1 week ago

    That thing is supposed with our national museums.

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    abilima 1 week ago

    Actually Mr. Maddocks what you have is history. You can write a very nice book about this story. However, for now I think some donor agencies in the UK would be very willing to fund your trip to bring back that shield to Zambia. Your father did not steal it, he got it. For him he wanted to keep a piece of history – and I would imagine that at that time everybody was excited about Independence and such artifacts were the least on anybody’s mind. It is good that you have preserved it so well for 50 years. Do not just take it to the Zambian Embassy in London, arrange with the Lusaka Museum to bring it back, and be part of history.

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      Child of the Sky 1 week ago

      Great advice. The man wanted a part of history to treasure, and the grandson doesn’t know the value of history or sentiments. Clearly, the man did not get it to sell,but to remind himself of a part of history and a history of the only country he must have known for may years.

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    Angoni chaiwo 1 week ago

    I hope our embassy in England can quickly contact this honest man and collect this important item for us.

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    james Bond007 1 week ago

    Please find a way of bringing it here.

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    kazeya 1 week ago

    Zambia can claim it for historys’ sake.I never lived under colonialism but we learn these things & as a people we need to learn our past as a nation.At least the man is honest & admits that his father “stole it”,that is “repentance”.

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      MAPOLO 1 week ago

      im giving you a two day ultimatum to bring it back or else i’ll fuck your brains