I was attacked at funeral


Yona Musukwa writes

I have just been brutalized and robbed at Leopards Hill Cemetery. I went to say farewell to Clance Zulu. But as I was walking from the main gate to were Clance was to be buried, I just saw people start running, others undressing the UPND regalia they were wearing. Before I could tell what was happening, I just heard someone shouting at me; “osataba iwe madumbo, chosa chabe vili mutumba” within seconds, more youths who appeared drunk and in military fatigue descended on me, as I tried to resist, one of them tried to hit my head with a beer bottle, I ducked, though I was hit on my left arm, the others managed to put their filthy hands in my pockets, got my K2,800, as they started fighting over the money, I managed to get away from them and run for my dear life. While this was happening to me, many people were being robbed and assaulted, especially women. I feel pity for other people who were burying their loved ones today because they got robbed as well. I have since left and on my way home. Kwena if this is how much we degenerating as a country, then kaya, fili eko tuleya!

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