‘I was attacked by 3 women but police arrested me instead’

Dear editor,

I am a citizen of this country and surprised as to what is happening at marapodi  Police station. On friday july 5 2013 @ around 12hrs I was attacked by 3 women who came to my house claiming am going out with ones husband. It was a bad scenario of fight until the police were called. To my surprise when we reached the police station, I was instead arrested and I spent a night in the cells.

When I asked what my crime was, I was not told only to be surprised I was charged with assault in the morning when I demanded to know hence my release on saturday @ 11:45hrs. The same police officers deleted th evidence in my phone of putting the women in my house but I have a lot of witnesses who where watching and on top of that my landlady wants me out of the house because of the same issue.

Am wondering, is this what we are calling a corrupt free police? or does this mean one doesn’t have rights any more in their own house? We should be afraid of being arrested on defending what is ours in our own homes? The other thing is whilst in the cells, I had talks with other inmates who are in the cells for 7days and they have not appeared in court and the complainants have never been to the station. Those people their are just in the cells without knowing anything of what will happen next is this what the LAW state?

Name withheld

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