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School is good. Thank God I went to school where I was taught sense and not answers. Surely such simple things as rules of decimals that I started learning in grade 3 ( Hundreds, Tens and Ones) somebody cant understand? How have you managed to go through college or university and find a job?

You were the ones who were taught that: Who was the first Zambian president?

A. Kaunda


C. Julius Nyerere

D. Chiluba

The teacher used to tell you the answer is A and not that its Kaunda.

The day another teacher changed the answers as

A. Mugabe

B. Kaunda

C.Julius Nyerere

D. Chiluba

Your answer still was A. When your teacher marked you wrong even protested saying that’s not what Mr. Chileshe taught us. Asked as what Mr. Chileshe taught you always says the answer to the above question is A.

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