I wasn’t involved in ZAM fraud – Hamukale

Fellow Zambians and the world Over, Be it known that I did not receive any money from Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) or even solicit for that kind of payment.

My biggest sin to the few selfish individuals in the music industry is that I have embarked on an aggressive fight against music piracy which has threats on shrinking the income of dubious music businesses.

I stand on the side of the musicians and the people who mandated me to manage their resources and not on the side of people with piracy fight phobia.

The constitution Review Commission gave ZAM K 71, 000, 000 whose payment records are available with Calen Chisha (Twice) who was disbursing the payments after MC Wabwino signed as our treasurer.

I was nowhere near this accusation after Brian Chilala, Nasty D, Twice and Myself attended the CRC one week workshop.
1. I am not a signatory to the ZAM account and I don’t authorize ZAM.
2. I have sufficient funds to look after my family and myself for three years if I went to sleep.
3. The police officer investigating the case has apologised to me

The police will have to issue an official statement and apology for this mis information.
4. Call Michael Zulu, Calen Chisha (Twice), BJ Ngosa and the police who will confirm to you that I did not get any money from ZAM.

I know that my name sells in the media but it is wrong to use it for wrong purposes just to win public readership even when I am innocent. Being a celebrity is not a sin.

Even if there were five people only alive in Africa who have never stolen and who will never steal, I, Edify Hamukale will be among that faithful number. Prove me. Check my files in companies and Government where I faithfully served the people if you will find any trace of dishonesty against my name. I have handled public resources in their billions of Kwacha.

Will I shiver towards a $ 1 500 dollar today? Dig my past, go ahead and call me on 0976019578 if you find even one trace of fraud in my history including when I was school captain (head boy) at Chipepo GRZ School. I desire my country and my continent to develop and I will never and have never been an agent of negative progress especially in national interest. I can never and will never betray public trust placed in media

I, Edify Hamukale, have written this 23rd day of October 2012

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