I Watch Emmanuel TV daily, says Chiluba



Chiluba with Joshua in 2001

By Ihechukwu Njoku-His first trip outside Zambia since he was famously acquitted of varying allegations of corruption, Frederick Chiluba has returned to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, almost 9 years after his first visit when President.


The former president, who has been the subject of intense scrutiny throughout his post-presidential era, was a guest of Pastor TB Joshua of the Emmanuel TV fame this Sunday, and witnessed an explosive service at The SCOAN, lasting an extraordinary 10 hours.

When asked by an Emmanuel TV reporter his experience of the service, which included the deliverance and rehabilitation of several armed robbers as well as a thanksgiving service for the MVP of the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup, Sani Emmanuel, Chiluba was full of praises to God for Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel TV, which he said he watched daily.

Describing the service as ‘highly inspiring’ and ‘motivating’, he opined that leaders would do well to seek God’s wisdom in governance. “If you read the book of Kings in the Bible, kings that depended on God guided their nations peacefully and successfully. God never changes. When we depend on Him… we will do extremely well,” he said, stating that since declaring Zambia a Christian nation at the start of his presidency, the country had moved steadily forward.

He also extolled the virtues of Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua’s Christian television station that is growing increasing popular throughout Zambia and indeed Africa. “It is really inspiring, not only for ordinary people but even for great leaders. I have been watching Emmanuel TV on a daily basis and my wife and I not only enjoy it, we are taught great lessons. We learn, we are inspired, we are motivated and we keep believing the Lord is truly with us; He is always present.”


He further admonished other leaders to follow in his stead by watching Emmanuel TV and inculcating the godly principles taught there. “For leaders, it is critical that they watch Emmanuel TV. They learn a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. God’s wisdom is the only wisdom. And it helps you guide and lead people extremely well with the knowledge you receive – because every utterance from the prophet is based on the Bible, it’s scripture-based.”

Chiluba and his wife Regina, who accompanied her husband, were witness to the celebration surrounding two members of Pastor Joshua’s football club, My People FC, who were part of Nigeria’s cadet team, the Golden Eaglets, during their recent campaign in the U-17 World Cup. Sani Emmanuel, the MVP of the tournament, was brought up by Joshua and is an altar boy in The SCOAN.

“This is a beauty to behold,” said Chiluba, “this is the way you build youngsters, the way you draw them away from whatever life of suffering or want they may be going through, and you build and mould them into very responsible citizens.” Emmanuel dedicated his awards to the less privileged, stating that he came from a humble background before being discovered by Joshua. “We must thank this man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua for recognizing and locating such talent,” Chiluba noted, adding that it will inspire others to do likewise.

Joshua, noted for his charitable works and prophetic prowess, also rehabilitated several armed robbers in the service, an act that won commendation from Chiluba. “Truly and honestly for me, that is The Gospel at work – they (ex-armed robbers) are bound to change a lot of people, and we welcome those young men. But remember – that could never have happened if this man of God was not highly anointed, so anointed so that he could be able to speak peace and love to those lost souls and they came in.” The robbers had been living in the church for a fortnight following their deliverance. They were all financially supported to pursue the careers of their choice, promising not to return to lives of criminality.

Both the former President and his wife were unanimous in their message to viewers: “Don’t miss a single day without watching Emmanuel TV.”

It would be recalled that John Atta Mills, the president of Ghana was in The Synagogue in January this year, testifying to the accurate prophetic message Joshua had given him before his ascension to power.

Editor’s Note: This story was sent to us by a Ngerian based journalis Ihechukwu Njoku who said after reading the Watchdog, he felt that Zammbians may want to know what Chiluba said in Nigeria.

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