I will bribe even my way to heaven – Lungu


Forged President Edgar Lungu last night bragged that he will even bribe his way to heaven when times comes because everyone loved money.

Lungu was on Glendfidich spirit alcoholic drink mixed with with Soda Lime till late as he was celebrating with his Lebanese friends at State Lodge last night.

Other notables in attendance in the drinking spree were Terrace Findley and a few family and close friends of Lungu and first lady Esther Phiri and her close friends.

Those to close to some people who attended the celebrations revealed to the Zambian Watchdog that while some people kept on bursting into laughter while shouting boma ni boma as Lungu responded boma ni nebo, others were shocked when Lungu bragged “na lesa kuti namushita. Nakumulu nke ngila ififine. Tapali umuntu ushifwaya ndalama. Olo ababene ba HH ni ndalama bafwaya. But takuli eko baleya nafimbi ifi bantampa muma courts. Ilyashi twalipwisha kale nabena Palani nabanensu. Bola naikosa ba GBM notundalama twabo eto baibile mu boma. Kateka ni nebo chapwa’ (I can even bribe God and bribe my way into heaven, that’s how I will enter. There is no one who doesn’t want money. Even HH and team just want money. But they are not going anywhere with these other court actions they have commenced. We finished the whole deal with Palani (Mulonda) and our friends (Anne Mwewa Sitali and Mulenga Mungeni). It’s a difficult ball game now for people like GBM with his little money stolen from government. I’m the president that’s the end).

Lungu highly praised his Special Assistant for Corruption Kaizer Zulu as someone who knows how to play the difficult games despite the risks.

“Ka KZ kaleteya bola. Ilyo ifintu fimbi kachita naine ndatina”(Kaizer Zulu knows how to play these games. Some things he does even me I get scared).

On Monday, the ConCourt judges Anne Mwewa-Sitali, Mulenga Mungeni and Palani Mulonda managed to reverse the Friday’s earlier full bench decision to continue hearing the presidential petition filed by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

The move was unprecedented and has surprised everyone how the 3 judges managed to reverse a full bench decision of 5 judges that had earlier ruled that time was not a factor in hearing a petition as that was within the petitioners rights to be heard before the case could be dismissed or determined.

Others have even argued that since the 3 judges ruled that they had no jurisdiction to sit on Monday as it was outside of 14 days, their Monday ruling of dismissing the case must also be rendered null and void but must abide by the Friday evening full bench decision that ruled that the petition must be heard.

The UPND legal team has now mounted another legal challenge to determine the the validity of the Monday ruling and to demand for their rights to be heard before the case can be disposed.

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