I Will Not be Intimidated -Mpombo

Former Defense Minister, George Mpombo has said no amount of intimidation would stop him from attending the MMD convention.

Speaking in Lusaka, Mpombo said his behavior has been exemplary; therefore, he is still a rightful member of the party.

Mpombo was reacting to a statement by MMD acting party spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti who said the party had ruled out some individuals who are allegedly in ‘bad books’ with the party.

He said Mulongoti was misleading people as he said attendants need to be invited to the convention, but this is a constitutional right for party members.

Mpombo advised Mulongoti to reserve the invitation for his house (garden) boy or other people he wanted to attend, because he (Mpombo) has a place in the MMD and can never be restricted.

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