I will not pay back illegal salary, insists Lubinda

I will not pay back illegal salary, insists Lubinda


JUSTICE Minister Given Lubinda has insisted that he will not pay back the salaries and allowances he obtained illegally when parliament was dissolved in 2016.

Lubinda’s latest remarks follows advice by Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili urging former ministers to refund Government.

The Patriotic Front former ministers have been ordered to pay back allowances after the Constitutional Court found them wanting.

Lubinda feels compelling him to payback will be a violation of his human rights as he did not stay in office out of his own will.
He says matters of morality cannot be transferred adding that beyond being a minister of justice he is a human being whose rights should be respected.

Appearing on Diamond TV’s talk show programme dubbed Costa on Monday evening, Sumaili said government respects the rule of law and therefore all ministers affected in this matter should pay back the money.

(Credit: Diamond TV)

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