I will prove that Sata is ‘Chumbu mushololwa’-Fr. Bwalya

ABZ president Fr. Frank Bwalya has vowed to prove that ailing dictator Michael Sata is a ‘chumbu musholololwa’ during his on-going persecution called trial in the Kasama magistrate court.

The trial of Fr. Bwalya started started yesterday before magistrate Vincent Siloka with an amendment from defamation of the president to now being charged with proposing violence, a charge which he denied.

Facts before the court are that on 6th January, 2014 Father Bwalya was arrested and charged with defamation of the Republican President when he featured on a live Programme on Radio Mano.

Incompetent DPP called Mutembo Nchito has lined up witnesses for the day included Radio Mano Station Manager Chrispine Ntalasha, Producer Mercy Mutale Kunda and Hildah Chewe.

It will be a sad day if these ‘journalists’ decide to sell their solid and be used by the PF to persecute a person they invited to their station. Journalists should never allow themselves to be used to jail people.

They can choose to refuse to testify or if they ware compelled (subpoenaed) they can say testify in favour of the accused.

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