I will remain president even if you don’t vote for PF- Lungu tells Solwezi

President Edgar Lungu accompanied by his godfather Rupiah Banda yesterday showed total contempt to the people of North-Western Province when he openly told them that he doesn’t care about the area and losing the Solwezi bye election seat because he will still remain the Zambian president.

Lungu was booed in the area together with his mentor Rupiah Banda who is now co-managing and running late Micheal Sata’s PF party and later teargassed Solwezi residents who showed displeasure with his leadership.

Rupiah Banda, the co-president of PF with Lungu to the exclusion of founder members such as Guy Scott and others has also been gallivanting in Solwezi trying to help his young man.

Banda was also booed in the company of North-Western province Minister Dowson Kafwaya.

Addressing mainly children in Solwezi yesterday and a few adults imported from Copperbelt and Lusaka, Lungu said he does not care at all with the area and losing the bye election because that won’t change the fact that he would still be the president of Zambian.

In Lubansenshi, Lungu also blackmailed the citizens and dared to them never to vote for the opposition because he can punish them by denying them development since he was the source of their money.

In a clear case of how useless the Zambian budget is, Lungu told Lubansenshi voters that it was him who appointed all the ministers and can deny them resources if they voted for anybody other than the PF candidate.

But it’s not clear what benefits in areas such as Mangango and Mulobezi in Western Province, Zambezi West in North-Western, Malambo, Bangweulu, Petauke or even Chawama itself after the seats now belong to Lungu and PF the ruling party.

In fact, Lungu and even the MP for Chawama have not even to that area or indeed any area to thank the voters.

But he has all the time to visit Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe and others.

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