I will retaliate when you threaten me, vows Kaizer Zulu

I will retaliate when you threaten me, vows Kaizer Zulu

State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizar Zulu has lashed out at his critics explaining why he takes the law into his own hands.

In his latest posting on Facebook, Zulu says if anyone threatens or hurts him, he will react.

“I am human, It hurts when you pinch me, I bleed when cut me. I’LL REACT WHEN YOU THREATEN MY EXISTENCE”.

He said he would not allow anyone to infringe on his rights and freedoms.

“Your freedoms DO NOT EXTEND IN TO MY PRIVACY, neither are my freedoms!”

But many of his own followers on his page told him off;

“But that doesn’t mean that you should take matters into your own hands. You are not above the law..” Collins Sitwala told him.

Chaka Pius Zulu told him; “Grow up n exercise wisdom NOT power”.

Hortense Musheba wondered why Zulu was always in the news for negative issues; “But why are you always quoted for wrong doings boss?”

Efford Malishala called him foolish; “Foolish State House cadre…time will tell”.

Chileshe Mulenga told him that he had damaged his name with his antics; “People are denting your name and it will be very difficult to clean it.”

Ronald Chauke asked him why President Edgar Lungu didn’t go with him to New York; “Why are you NOT in New York Sir?”

Zulu has been in the news for causing assault, abductions, beatings on people and he is facing kidnapping and false imprisonment charges in the Lusaka High Court.

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