‘ I witnessed political violence ‘

Yesterday  17/06/2016 17:00 I witnessed the political violence..
I have just been hearing it but saw what is becoming of our ‘PEACEFUL’ zambia.. Driving towards kitwe town center, a little stuck in afterwork traffic, I heard the sound of a few stones hitting metal. as I continue to drive, I see a blue bus, with UPND red compaign material reverse quickly, make a U turn in boma street and off it drove off quickly away from town. a few mid twentied looking boys chasing and throwing stones, clad in PF tshirts and caps.
As I continued to drive the boys rsn back to an unlincensed (no number plate) beige hiace bus, with PF green compaign material parked ‘pa mtn bus stop. many motorist just seemed to be in as much shock as I was.. The bus later sped off towards town, on the wrong lane, took a right turn after the traffic lights… Is this what we have resorted to. Unleashing jobless boys on the streets to break the peace we have enjoyed for so many years….
To the police commander, may they deploy police keep vigil at all times. To arrest any law breakers regardless of regalia.. To the police, if they can stop movement of any unlincesed vehicles on road. Impound any found on the road, especially those with political material. How can I as a citizen report such a vehicle without a lincese plate to the toll free RTSA line?
Concerned citizen

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