I won’t apologise to minister Chitotela, he stole car from RDA

I won’t apologise to minister Chitotela, he stole car from RDA

By Gregory Chifire

24 hours has passed, I have neither apologised nor pulled down my posting regarding the motor vehicles that RDA bought for Hon Chitotela and his Permanent Secretary, Mr Charles Mushota because it is the truth, I stand by the truth and will live with the truth. I will never betray the people of Zambia especially on this fight.

I have documented proof to my “allegation” and am ready to stand in any court of Jurisdiction. I have waited for the summons from Hon Chitotela, but nothing. I have asked my lawyers that maybe they have been saved, nothing. We give it a benefit of doubt, being a Sunday. But let me assure you Zambians, this will not end here.

I together with you need to get to the bottom of this and many other matters that border on corruption and theft of public funds. Since the Anti Corruption Commission is moribund, it is incumbent upon us as citizens to use all legally available channels to fight this fight. The RDA matter will not die a natural death.

That having been said fellow countrymen, going forward, I wish to announce that after the cholera epidemic has been controlled, we shall engage as Citizens in more proactive interventions to contribute to the crusade against corruption. Talk is cheap.

Fellow Citizens, you may not be aware that over 65℅ of the contract price for the over priced Ambulances has already been paid by govt to Savenda Ltd, the supposed supplier, but not a single Ambulance has been delivered. The first 15℅ payment was made in November 2015, and subsequent payments made in the year that followed. Am challenging the Minister of Health to dispute this. I demand accountability, you demand accountability, our children too demand accountability.

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