I won’t die until I see more money in my pockets- RB

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda caused laughter at a funeral for his late brother in-law when he said he wont die until he sees more money in his pocket.

Rupiah commonly known as RB also wondered what type of hatred the PF government harbored against him for the government and party officials to shun the funeral of his brother in-law.

After noticing the presence of Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga, RB said I’m happy my friend VJ is here, (UPND) President HH and Nevers Mumba (MMD) are also here.

“That’s how its supposed to be. But aba benangu nangu nikuzonda Munthu wishe niso?

Anyway I will not die I am waiting for more money in the pocket,” he said.

The PF government and party representatives were conspicuously absent at the funeral.

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