I won’t inherit your enemies, says RB

President Rupiah Banda says he is surprised that some people in the country want him to inherit their enemies.
Mr. Banda says former president Chiluba is not his enemy and that people who want to make him his enemy should not involve him.
And president Banda says the courts will determine whether former President Frederick Chiluba is entitled to the $8 Million US dollars he claims to have deposited in the government ZAMTROP London account.

Mr. Banda says Zambia has a credible legal system that has to be followed in addressing such claims.

He was responding to journalists at the Lusaka International Airport shortly before departure for Swaziland where he has already arrived.

The President said the courts should be left to determine legal issues.

Dr. Chiluba is demanding his money held in the ZAMTROP account during his reign.

The former President contends that the money obtained from well wishers was deposited in the ZAMTROP London account for safe custody.

According, to Dr. Chiluba the money was from his friends and well wishers who wanted to contribute towards the construction of the FTJ Institute of Democracy and Good Governance.

Dr. Chiluba was recently acquitted on charges of theft of public funds.

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