I won’t step down even if HH wins, Lungu tells Israeli crooks he hired to rig elections

I won’t step down even if HH wins, Lungu tells Israeli crooks he hired to rig elections

President Edgar Lungu has appealed to the Israeli crooks running Timor Group of Companies to help him win the forth coming elections saying he is not ready to concede defeat even if  Hakainde Hichilema wins.

Lungu said this early this month (February 2016) when he secretly met 10 directors of the Timor Group of companies at State House.

A state house source disclosed that Lungu is exceedingly scared of losing elections and that he is ready to shed blood and spend his last coin provided that guarantees him victory.

“You see, even President Lungu is very much aware that he is losing this election. Do not think our boss is a dull person who can’t read the wind of change? The man told the OP who told him of his possible defeat that their findings were consistence with personal analysis. What do you think that meant? The man knows HH will be president only that he does not want to concede. He knows he has lost popularity by more than 15%, while his opponent has gained 20%,’ the source said.

The source said the Lungu is of the view that after stealing victory from HH, Zambians will complain, demonstrate but after sometime they will stop, and that is the time he will start enjoy life with his family.

The source added that the Head of State last rested sometime back and that since then, he has just been campaigning but few people have been receiving his messages positively.

“The president is banking on the fact that many Zambians do not want violence. And so he wants to rig elections and deploy thousands of police officers in Southern Province, Lusaka, Copperbelt, Western and North Western Province because that is where he expects resistance. This is serious, this man has no heart for this country. What he wants is just to remain in State House and nothing else’, said the source.

The source also disclosed that a lot of Zambians especially those supporting UPND will start disappearing by being abducted by the security agencies that are right now being trained in Zimbabwe.

“You know I feel really sorry for the people of Southern Province. If HH is not steady only 50% of Southerners will vote. The President has invested a lot of money in terrorizing the people their especially the villagers to ensure that they are intimidated until they give up voting. People were saying Rupiah was a bad man, when he wasn’t. Edgar Lungu is the most ruthless president and it will not be too long that all Zambians including those supporting him will learn this. Rupiah was better than Lungu because he had respect for human rights at least and had never encouraged tribalism and genocide as Lungu is trying to do,” lamented the accurate source.

“The violence that this country is experiencing right now will triple when parliament is dissolved. PF youths are being secretly trained on how to cause violence so that UPND will be blamed and have a lot of them arrested. Mark my words, prisons across the country will be full of UPND carders and few PF. Mwembeshi State Prison has been reserved for political UPND carders who will be arrested without committing any offense. Very few UPND carders who will be arrested in Southern Province will be left in that province. The plan is to transfer them to Mwembeshi so that they are beaten there. For this man (president Lungu), war is better than losing elections. He wants to cause war between Tongas and Bembas just for him to remain president. I have never worked under a ruthless seemingly humble but a ruthless dictator as Edgar, his instincts for war can be likened to Mugabe and Adof Hitra,” concluded the source.

And on Jonas Shakafuswa , the MP for Katuba and Eric Chanda who runs some party, the source said that the two were bought by the PF in December last year when each of them received K50,000.

“State House has given a lot of money to Shakafuswa and Eric Chanda to buy support. I bet if you will ever hear Shakafuswa or Eric Chanda ever say anything ill against the ruling Patriotic Front or the Head of state,’ the source said.

The source added that Eric Chanda agreed to be in an ‘alliance’ with Miles Sampa so that he can be leaking information to the PF.

“You know it was headline in Zambia’s media that Erick Chanda, Elias Chipimo and Miles Sampa have entered into a partnership. But what Mr Sampa didn’t know is that Eric Chanda agreed after he consulted from Edgar Lungu. In short, Eric Chanda is the direct intelligence officer to President Lungu. The man is a full time PF who just accepted to work with Miles Sampa in order to leak his activities to the Director of State Intelligence and President Lungu. Just see how he was quick to condemn the purported UPND violence in Bweengwa but failed to condemn the PF when they sent close to 500 PF youths to disturb his partner’s (Miles Sampa) meeting. Imagine, Eric Chanda never condemned violence against Miles Sampa but swift to side with PF when UPND members are accused of doing it,’ the source said.

‘In fact, let me take advantage of this opportunity to inform Miles Sampa that Eric Chanda will lead him to his death despite holding a cross in his hand. You know Lungu is offering so much money that even the most principled and religious people in our society are compromised’, concluded the source.

The source has also indicated that the Head of State has sent 15 secrete intelligence officers to Uganda working with the Israeli company to study how the Ugandan Government will be rigging elections so that the same tactics is also applied in Zambia.

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