‘I worry for future generations’


My name is Molebatsi Chuma, I am a Zambian whose honestly not spent all my life in Zambia till I decided to come back to my motherland. But I did frequently visit. Its really disappointing how things have become worse in this nation of ours that we call a “Christian Nation” has become far from “Christ Like”. We’ve given our nation to various hands, ranging from vision filled leaders to “vision less” leaders. And I don’t worry for my generation, I worry for the generation that is to come after ours. Our so called “leaders” of today only worry about themselves and those under their coats. Majority of the Zambian nation is under poverty, stricken from their rights, taken advantage of, fraudulence has become the order of the day, and we all live everyday as if this is how it were before.

I envy my parents when they say “The kwatcha was ONCE at par with the pound” when they say “Zambia HAD factories”. I feel utterly jealous for not experiencing that too in my generation. But nevertheless, we’ve come to find ourselves used to this lifestyle. Now where my biggest worry is, is for my kids in the future, your kids, grandchildren, great grandchildren who will be victims of far worse than we are currently facing. The crime rate has increased drastically just this year alone, and majority of the people committing crime are those that have lost hope in the little they had. In future our children will be robbed, mugged, attacked, kidnapped, etc. The poor population is way more than the rich or “middle class” population, which means, no matter how filthy rich one can be, in future, them or their kids will end up being victims of being robbed/attacked. And the decisions we make today determine what will happen in the near future.

ARE YOU THINKING OF YOURSELF OR OF YOUR ENTIRE HUMAN RACE in this country. You don’t want to be comfortable in your office and get a phone call saying “your child has been attacked by some boys from some community”, simply coz your child had a new bicycle. So ask yourselves this “How on Earth can you avoid that from happening?”. I urge that you open your eyes and look where we are all heading. Street Kids these days refuse 50ngwes, they say “Dollar yakwela ti vomela ma 1 kwatcha nakuyenda kumwamba”. Now what if you can’t give that street kid the 1 kwatcha (+) coz you’re maybe one those stingy type? In future that kid will grow, still on the streets begging for 1 kwatcha and going up, and with time that kid becomes a hard core criminal. You or someone else will be a victim. I’m not saying give poor peoole, not everyone is into humanitarian work, but ALL IM SAYING IS, AS YOU ALL PREPARE TO VOTE, THINK HARD AND DECIDE WHICH DIRECTION IT IS YOU WANT TO TAKE, SOMEONE WITH A VISION FOR THE COUNTRY, OR SOMEONE WITHOUT A VISION.. I will not get into talking about political expenses that have been happening lately and tax payers money going to waist its clearly seen where all the cash is flowing to. Its A SHAME TO SEE THAT BUILDING OF MALLS IS WHAT WE CALL “DEVELOPMENT”. In a third world country. Where there’s lack of Employment. Lack of ideas for Job Creation. WAKE UP OR STAY SLEEPING TILL THE BED SPRINGS START PIERCING YOUR BACK.

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