I can’t accept any position in the chaotic PF govt- Nalumango

I can’t accept any position in the chaotic PF govt- Nalumango

Opposition UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango says it is unfortunate that the country is being run on auto-pilot because of the absence of president Michael Sata.

Speaking when she featured on Lusaka’s Millennium Radio, Nalumango, who is also former deputy speaker of National Assembly said the citizens had the right to know the whereabouts of the president and his status.

“I know I am in the opposition, but we have the right as citizens to know what is happening to the president. People elected president Sata and would like to know what is happening to him. Is he being held captive somewhere,” Nalumango said.

And Nalumango said UPND is focused on winning the 2016 elections based on messages of truthfulness and honest.the UPND structures are being formed everywhere.

She said she lost the Kaputa constituency seat despite having done a lot for the people there because of the PF campaign lies such as ‘more money in people’s pockets’.

“People were cheated by so many things including the so called about ‘more money in your pockets’. Some of us are Christians and stood for the truth and now people are saying we were probably prophesizing, but I tell them I was campaigning,” she said.

Nalumango said the so-called UPND tribal tag was coined by fellow politicians as a campaign tool because people had nothing to criticize the party about.

“What happened is when UPND was formed, it has been vibrant party with people from all parts of the country. Just because it was led by someone from Southern province fellow politicians used as a campaign tool because they had nothing else against it. We have to treat every Zambian as equals and not look at one’s tribe,” she said.

And Ms. Nalumango says she would never accept a position in the PF’s chaotic government, even as vice-president.

“I would not accept any position in the PF because I would quickly disappear into their chaotic governance. Imagine if I was a spokesperson for this government where everyone says what they want without any coordination,” she said.

On the apparent squabbles between MMD and UPND, Nalumango said her party’s official policy is not to talk about the MMD adding that the UPND was focused on winning elections come 2016 and hoped the MMD can also concentrate on their party.

She said the UPND currently was the party of choice, with the right candidate and team with sound national policies.

Nalumango called for peaceful campaigns across the country ahead of the forth-coming by-elections, as Zambia has been a peaceful country.

“Can you imagine when I went to Muchinga province for UPND party mobilisation, the president himself seemed happy that some people wanted to disturb our meetings,” she said.

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