Iam a Depressed, stressed and confused teacher

Iam a Depressed, stressed and confused teacher

Dear Editor
Post this for me but hide my Identity.
Well I’m 30years of age, a teacher on the copperbelt province of Zambia . I am very much depressed, stressed and confused with the levels of debts.

Right now now my wish is to die because the debts have reached a stage were by I can not settle them, I can’t provide for my family besides that this last week (13th) I have failed to go for work due to this financial crisis that I have put my self in.

I owe a lot of lending institutions and they are deducting a large chunk from my salary, I have about 4 financial lending institutions on my payslip and not only that Iam also owing other institutions whom I’m owing salary advances such as GS, Moneta, Unity finance, Good fellow ltd, Totterngram , and lastly Express credit .

These mentioned financial institution have sending DDACS to my bank for recoveries and the DDACS have been bouncing which has also generated some more problems on my account . My bank stanbic has been charging me k510 for each DDAC that bounces and also they charge a pernalty fee of K1086 for allowing DDACS on insufficient funded accounts ( this is what I was explained to when they sent me a warning letter).

I go home every month with a negative on my account . And to survive and feed my family I have several people that I have got money from and them they charge 50% interest for every amount you get.

People may judge me to be reckless and irresponsible but to tell you the truth circumstances beyond my reach had put me in this mess. I have tried running a business and indulge in agricultural activities it has also failed.

My main contributing factor maybe has been that Iam a the only bread winner of the family of seven ( two men and five women ) Iam looking after my old mother , my nephew who I have taken to a college of nursing and four others who are at the secondary School level .

As I’m writing this to you it is in the middle of the night.

I have no one to talk to but to let you know the general public what Iam going through. This is not to embarrass the government but to ask the general public to help me . I have written to PMEC and attached my payslip and NRC to see how I can be helped by all means. Help before I send my self to an early grave and my family on the

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