Iam not Jesus so let me enjoy myself- Disgraced Moonga

Iam not Jesus so let me enjoy myself- Disgraced Moonga

Let me enjoy myself, I am not Jesus – Moonga

LUSAKA Province PF Chairman says people should allow him to enjoy himself because he is not Jesus Christ.

Moonga says he is an ordinary person who should be allowed to express himself when he is happy.

He was responding to criticism about his behaviour at a party hosted by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa at his residence last weekend where he stood out as the highlight of the event.

The party has turned Moonga into a social media sensation with his videos doing the rounds.

At the party, Moonga took on one of singer Afunika’s raunchy female dancers, openly caressing her exposed thigh before landing on top of her after she leapt onto his waist and he failed to support her weight.

After the embarrassing fall, Moonga is quickly helped to his feet by nearby PF officials.
However, Moonga takes on another female patron shortly afterwards.

This time, a grinning Moonga is seen standing behind an unidentified bent over twerking woman. With his hands holding her gyrating backside, the two ‘dance’ to the simultaneous delight and shock of onlookers.

Moonga has however wondered why he has been criticised.

He said it was “nonsense” of people to expect him not to enjoy himself just because others were hungry.

The PF leader said his behaviour was normal as people could not expect him to behave like Jesus Christ. He said he was simply expressing his happiness at the party, adding that at parties people dance as mourning is only reserved for funerals.

“If there is hunger in your house, should I start starving? What nonsense is that? People are mourning, somewhere they are celebrating. Surely if the people are mourning in Luapula, so the people in Western Province should start mourning?” asked Moonga.

“I was happy. You wanted me not to dance? It’s my choice.”

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