Iam untouchable – Frank Bwalya

Patriotic Front ( PF ) deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya on Sunday evening boasted that he had managed to fix UPND vice president Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba.
And Mr Bwalya bragged to some PF cadres that he was untouchable and that he would personally determine who would be adopted on the ruling party ticket to stand as Members of Parliament.
The former Catholic Priest who was having a drink with some cadres at a named pub boasted how he personally called the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to direct him to detain GBM for the whole weekend.
“Some people in the party are trying to undermine me but I can tell you that they are cheating themselves because I am very powerful,
“I have just managed to fix GBM and had him locked up. I personally just call the IG and the chap was locked up, ” he said in a recorded conversation made available to the Watchdog by some PF cadres.
Mr Bwalya said he would personally decide who would be adopted by the ruling party.
“Even ba Emmanuel Mwamba balebepa abantu ati he is the one who made ba Lungu to win where is he today,” he said.

Bwalya said if he so wished the UPND vice president could continue to be detained until next week Friday.

Meanwhile PF sources who were with the fallen priest warned that President Lungu was digging his own grave by allowing Bwalya to distabilised the party.

“The man is fighting long standing members of the party and he is so irritating to an extent that people within the party hurt him so much, ” said the youths adding,
“Even in the recoding you can just hear what he is saying and how he is boasting about the power he has.


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