Ibrahim Mo’s foundation ranks Zambia 18th

Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim

Zambia has been ranked 18th out of 53 African countries in the 2009 assessment of good governance.

According to the 2009 Ibrahim index of governance published on Monday, by the Mo Ibrahim foundation Zambia scored 55.3 out of 100,and was ranked 18th out of 53 African countries.
Within the southern African region, Zambia was ranked seventh.
Zambia scored just below the southern African regional average, which was 58.1, and scored above the continental average, which was 51.2.
At category level, Zambia scored above the continental average in the categories of safety and rule of law, participation and human rights, and sustainable economic opportunity.
However, Zambia scored below the continental average in the human development category.
The 2009 Ibrahim Index of African governance  also shows that half of Africa’s best performing countries are in southern Africa.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is funded exclusively by Dr Mo Ibrahim and does not take any money from other sources so that its integrity and independence cannot be influenced.  The Foundation’s activities and expenditures are governed by its Board of Directors.

Mo Ibrahim, Sudanese,  is an expert in mobile communications and founder of  Celtel International, now called Zain in Zambia.

He founded Celtel in 1998, and the company operates in 15 African countries, covering more than a third of the continent’s population, and has invested more than US$750 million in Africa. In 2005, Celtel International was sold to MTC Kuwait for $3.4 billion.

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