If it was God’s wish that I become President, it will happen – GBM


To paid-up calls for my resignation from the Patriotic Front (PF), I will wait for President Michael Sata to ask me to leave the Party. I am not going to be moved by those paid to call for my resignation from PF. I am not going anywhere and I will imitate my friend Wynter Kabimba who has since stayed. The same way the President he has kept Kabimba, that is how he is going to keep me. I have not done any wrong in the party unless a resignation from a Ministerial position is now wrong-doing in the PF.

I’m a very principled human being and I will continue being this way. I recall once when late President Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) and I had a problem because I had invited President Sata (then in the Opposition) to my child’s wedding. Later I was asked why I invited him (President Sata) and I stated then and still state that ‘blood is thicker than water’. How can it then be that the same President Sata I defended at that point should chastise me for standing with and for family? My principle is that no one will separate me from my family. The same way that President Sata has kept Kabimba is the same way that he is going to keep me.

The same way that President Sata has kept Kabimba is the same way that he is going to keep me.

“Doubting Thomas’s” writing about the end of my political career may wish to know that my political career has not been derailed by the turn of events before and after my resignation as Minister of Defense. On the contrary, my political life has had a REBIRTH. Editorials and headlines claiming that GBM is finished would be wise to know that IF it was God’s wish that I will become President, it will happen. It’s not over until God says its over. As, if and when I choose to exercise that right is my prerogative as a citizen of Zambia. Currently, I am busy doing what the electorates elected me to do-development.

Let me remind those hired to call for my resignation that I know them and I know the one who has hired them. So I will not be defeated by their calls because I have so many friends in Kasama, countrywide and Diaspora who have seen nothing wrong with the decision I took to resign the ministerial position. To those who want to meet me on the political field, I will meet you. Just wait!

To my friends here and elsewhere who have stood by me, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let us continue to do what is right for mother Zambia.

God bless Zambia

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