If Lungu won’t stand, it’s me, says Inonge Wina

If Lungu won’t stand, it’s me, says Inonge Wina

Vice-president Inonge Wina says  she is the natural and legal replacement for President Edgar Lungu if the latter does not run for President in 2021.

Speaking to one of her closest confidants, Gogo Wina says she actually gets surprised when junior ministers secretly jostle to replace Lungu as if there is no vice-president.

There is a silent but deadly campaign to replace Lungu as candidate for 2021. Many ministers in PF believe that Lungu has messed up the country and would lose the elections if he is featured. But these same people like Chitalu Chilufya, Given Lubinda, Ronald Chitotela still pretend to endorse Lungu for 2021 hoping that if Lungu decides not to stand on his own, he can anoint one of them.

Lungu himself knows very well that if he loses power to either one of his ministers or vice president or opposition, he will be arrested and prosecuted. With what happened in Angola and Botswana where former presidents Dos Sontos and Ian Khama anointed what they thought would be loyal puppets just to realise when it was too late, Lungu would be foolish to trust anyone.

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