If not foolishness, then what is it?

If not foolishness, then what is it?

By Nicholas Phiri

“…So I am challenging UPND to take stock of their team and find a better player to challenge me. The truth is that that guy is going no where because we know his true nature.” These are the words of President Lungu, the great leader of this great Nation. The great leader further instructed the police “Please sort out the fool before it brings war.”

As usual, citizens have received these remarks with mixed reactions. However, to some of us, it is not surprising that President Lungu can utter such words to describe his political opponents. What is surprising though is the fact that there are people who are surprised at these utterances. It is even more surprising that there are people who believe in President Lungu’s ‘humility’.

President Lungu has been projected and continues to present himself as a humble, God fearing and ordained leader. How I wish this was true, but what President Lungu wants people to believe he is stands at variance with his own conduct. Often the words he speaks when he is supposed to be silent and his silence when he is supposed to speak out betray his purported humility.

Come to think about this, who in any contest would ask for an opponent who would unseat him or her from glory? Anybody would be happy to have it easy. While he is so concerned about the quality of leadership and affairs of another party his own party has declared him as a sole candidate for 2021. The quality of leadership in his party is pathetic. The call by the President for a “better” candidate is insincere.

Clearly President Lungu considers himself better than his competitors. Thinking of yourself more highly than your friends is not humility at all. President Lungu sees himself President past 2021 even before a ballot is cast. This is strange both legally and logically.

Legally, the Presidential candidacy of Mr. Lungu for 2021 is under litigation in the Constitutional Court. Logically , President Lungu cannot rate himself so highly before we the voters have appraised his job performance in view of gross theft of public resources in his administration, the dying economy and failing national unity. Where is the humble man getting all this confidence which almost looks like arrogance?

It is surprising that President Lungu is agitated about the call for self defence among UPND supporters deliberately forgetting that the Zambia Police under his watch has failed to protect human life and property as provided by law especially when such destruction is perpetrated by those in the boat.

The call for self defence is lawful and constitutional. The attack on innocent citizens and political opponents is criminal and foolish. Paradoxically, those who have decided to defend themselves against politically sponsored criminal elements are being described as being foolish. Then what should we call those attacking their friends? What should we describe the police which fails to assert it’s lawful authority on criminal minded political cadres?

My country is strange. Those abrogating the law are protected by the authorities and victims of unlawful acts are vilified. If this is not foolishness, then what is it? Anyways, the good thing is that the baby has grown now and is ready to take the bull by its horns. Its tit for tat! Let’s see who is foolish.

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