If only govt had listened to HH

If only govt had listened to HH


Dear Zambian Watchdog,

Hakainde Hichilema (HH) advised government against the introduction of the General Sales Tax (GST), and how did they respond to his advice? They said he was bitter.

Just as he had advised, government for the third time this year deferred plans to introduce the GST.

His advice was spot on.

He advised government to prepare for the possible effects of EL Nino weather conditions for 2018 and 2019 season, and what did government leaders do? They competed in calling him all sorts of names.

Today there are close to 2 million Zambians in need of action and a 25kg bag of mealie meal costs K150 because of hunger caused by effects of EL Nino.

Again his advice was dead right.

He warned about government’s reckless borrowing. In their usual style they insulted him and vowed to continue borrowing for the so called ‘development’. Today, Zambia has a debt of more than $10.2 billion.

His foresight was spot on.

He warned the country when Lungu declared K23 million worth of assets that untamed desire for wealth coupled with debased government systems, poor ethics, and lack of political will would make corruption widespread. They called him an alarmist.

What situation are we in now? Corruption is endemic involving civil servants and politicians.

Once again, he was exactly right in his advice.

And the list of issues he talked about that have come to pass is endless.

Love or hate him, he has an impressive economic foresight.

His capability to assess the existing economic situation and predict economic events makes him stand out among those seeking leadership.

If his economic foresight is utilised, government can create strategies to avoid or easily deal with the economic problems we are facing as a country.

He has an apt foresight a contemporary president needs to diagnose problems, forecast, and make decisions needed to make a country move forward.

His exceptional economic foresight makes him well-placed and deservedly seek the highest office in the land.

We are therefore blessed as a country to have leaders of his kind, gifted in the art of economic discernment, and able to clearly spell out the possible national economic objectives and strategies to achieve them.

Sara Imutowana Yeta II

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