If PF wins, withdrawn electricity hikes will be effected just after elections

The electricity tariffs that Zesco withdrew this week will be effected immediately after elections if the PF will be retained in power in August 2016.

Zesco scrapped a nearly 73% hike in electricity tariffs for industrial and commercial users following an outcry from consumers, a spokesman for state power firm Zesco said on Tuesday.

Last December Zesco approved an increase in electricity charges to US10.35 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh) from six cents.

“We have withdrawn the application we made to the Energy Regulation Board for higher electricity tariff. We had a lot of complaints and want to consult further,” Zesco spokesman Henry Kapata said.

But the Watchdog has been told by sources in the ministry of energy that the tariffs have been withdrawn just to avoid jeopardizing president Edgar Lungu’s chances of being re-elected.

Sources say even tariffs for domestic users will be increased at the same time. Late last year, the PF increased the cost of electricity but president Edgar Lungu withdrew it after he realized that it would cost him votes. But all these hikes will be effected immediately if he would be re-elected. In the meantime, the PF is now borrowing heavily to provide the country with electricity. After elections, the PF will move to recover these monies from both commercial and domestic consumers.

After winning, Lungu will have nothing to worry about and will show his true evil colors just like he is showing on UNZA and CBU students right now. In short, real suffering with start if Lungu is reelected.


‘What consultation is Kapata talking about? Doesn’t this show how disorganized this government is where they first implement then consult?’ one source asked.

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